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8 November

Email Boilerplate

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I’ve just come across this really handy tool that helps you put together beautiful, cross platform HTML newsletters. If like me you’ve had difficulties getting it looking exactly right in all clients then this should help you. The interface is fantastic, you click on the desired email client you are having difficulties with and it […]

27 April

FHM Shortlisted for three AOP awards

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FHM has been shortlisted for Product Team of the year at the AOP awards 2011. If we win then David Williams (Creative Director), Andrew Howell (Development Team Lead), Mani Manivannan (Developer) and myself will be collecting the award. Fingers and toes crossed! FHM has also been short listed for Best Consumer Website and Consumer Editorial […]

11 April

Windows Live Writer

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This is my first post using Windows Live Writer, which is basically a glorified FCK editor.  It has a very similar layout to Word so people will feel right at home when posting to their blog. If like me you’re using WordPress, WLW downloads the theme to the application, so it’s like writing live to […]

11 April

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

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CSS driven gradients are becoming more popular since their recent introduction.  However getting the syntax right can be a tricky and time consuming process. Not anymore thanks to this nifty little tool from ColorZilla. Just use the colour selector and photoshop style slider to produce the gradient you want and all the CSS is generated […]


Nice things people are saying.

  • David Williams

    I’ve worked with Jamie now for over two years in which time I’ve found him to be an extremely valuable team member and somebody I can trust implicitly to get the job done to the right standard. He also approaches his work with enthusiasm and always wants to try new ways of doing things.

    Jamie gets on task quickly and has a superb technical understanding while also having a good hand on the brand and audience requirements, which makes working with him a pleasure

    - David Williams
  • Sally Griffith

    Jamie is the friendly, creative and super-efficient person you want to deal with when it comes to web design. When you’re coming from an editorial (and technically-ignorant) perspective, he’s always happy to answer your questions and goes the extra mile to make sure you understand and ensure your project is the best it can be.

    - Sally Griffith